The Finished Piece!


A little bit about me...

Well... I finally got a little time to write about what I do, or used to do. I worked in the movie business for 15 years, worked on alot of fun movies and commercals. One of my favorite movies was STARSHIP TROOPERS. It was a big job meet lots of cool model makers, (thats where I met Jay Adan). Yhey always had the right supplies when you needed it. A.I. AND BICENNTIAL MAN were also pretty good jobs to work on, but last best job was SPIDERMAN 2. I worked close with Jim Acheson on DOC OC. I got to do alot of design and pattern work on it, after that... things slowed WAY down soooo.. I got out last year. Hollywood has moved out!
So i moved back home to florida and decided to get into the kit business, the Tripod being my 1st, and now the conselors ship.