Here it is.
i've been getting alot of people wanting to know what scale it is,
it's 1/25, -1/26 scale. give or take.
there are a few pieces missing that are being molded up.

1.the rear SUPPORT STRUT, for the landing gear, i have to put the kit together to see how long to make it.
2.The CHAIR KNOBS, all 14 of them.
3.The DOORS, for those who might want to cut the doors open to see the interior better.
4.and last, the DECALS, i have to send a kit to the decal company.

The Galileo was just put in the molds Monday.

I'll be taking preorders this Friday (5/16/08). the kit is 12" long, approximately 7" wide + 4.5" tall.

the price will be 225 dollars for the NON-INTERIOR kit plus shipping.

the price will be 295 dollars for the kit with the INTERIOR plus shipping.

you can send money through PAY PAL (account name nurnys@yahoo.com), or money order. the wait won't be like the avenger since the molds will be done.

i have to send a kit to the decal company so they can size them up. that will be on Friday, I'll put the ETA for the decals as soon as i find out so watch my blog for that info. plus, I'll be putting progress pics of the kit this week.

for any questions you can contact me at: nurnys@yahoo.com


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